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    This is my first palm pre and i havent experienced any problems yet until now. My phone has started to "restart" itself on its own. It restarted 3 times yesterday within 8 hrs. I dont think this is right. I am in my thirty days and want to know should i return it for another pre or should i swap it for a treo pro. I have never owned a palm device before so I dont know if the treo pro is worth getting since its running windows and its slightly bigger. Also does anyone know if either device the pre or the pro can be flashed to cricket wireless. Im sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this too so mods please feel free to move it to the right location if need be. Any info would be appreciated and tnx in advance.

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    You might have a problem with the size of your battery. Some units came with a slightly smaller battery than compartment and that slippage causes the phone to restart. Sprint is aware of the problem and I believe you can simply go right back to your store of purchase and swap out the battery.
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    The restart might be a loose battery issue. Look around the forum there's a big thread on that. If you can recreate the problem take it back to the Sprint store and they will swap it out. Heck just take it back and tell them you got the problem and they will probably swap it out.
    This issue does not happen with every Pre.

    I would recommend the Pre over the Palm Pro any day.

    The Pro can be flashed over to cricket. Since the Pre is still new there have not been any public tutorials on how to flash the Pre over to cricket yet.
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    if its not the battery issue, take it to sprint, and hurry.
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    +1 on all posts.... I would take it in and at the very least let sprint look at it.... that way if anything in the future pops up you will have a history of the issue on you account and more likely to get a replacement w/o the hassle.

    Hope everything works out.
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    Agreed, however it might be hard to reproduce the issue at the sprint store. However really push the issue if they give you a hard time. Make some crap up that you will switch to the iphone.

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