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    I'm afraid to do this myself but if anyone in Manhattan can root my Pre I will pay you to do so. Anyone out there?
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    im having a problem rooting too.
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    Guys- it really isn't that hard, although I understand the trepidation. PM me if you want me to walk you through it on AIM or Google Talk.
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    PM me. I'm local and will root and install the Roam Only mode on your phone also.

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    As buyrihn said, it's not that hard. I'll do this if someone is on the west coast.
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    Guys its not hard at ALL, when I did mine i simply followed the directions on the wiki and copy pasted the commands.
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    please pm I need help thanks.
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    If you cant I got yahoo also thanks.
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    This is sad....

    Type in card view: upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart and slide the switch. Click reset.

    Was it that had?
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    Not that easy. That just puts the phone in developer mode, which disables the firewall and enables interaction with the Mojo SDK tools. Also, keep in mind it's not a good idea to keep your phone in developer mode, for that reason. You don't want the firewall disabled.

    That said, rooting IS easy. But I can see where you're coming from, if you don't have the Linux experience I have.
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    Rooting seems pretty easy. I'm going to root my Pre as soon as I download the SDK and webosinternals. Problem is, the only internet access I have currently is my aunt's AOL dialup haha. And those two files are too big for dialup =/ I miss my Fios...
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    I had problems rooting on my Pre. The problems I encountered were in the two wget steps. My Pre wouldn't fetch the files at all. It kept saying that they were not on an http or ftp server. Finally, I just downloaded them on my computer, uploaded them to google pages (its sites now, but I joined early), and used wget to get it from there. That seemed to solve the problem.

    So, if you guys are having problems there, you can try that out.
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    its not easy AT ALLL to root your Pre, tried it and got stuck twice
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    I was also scared but I tried it and I was successful. I ended up going on the mirc channel to ask a bunch of questions and the people there were very helpful. Overall however you can pretty much just copy and paste the code on the site and it should work fine. Just in case anyone reading needs the site. Sorry for the werid line, I am still too low to post links.

    http: //predev. wikidot. com/rooting
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    The thing is if someone roots it for you, you still wont know how to add mods or programs later on.

    It not as daunting as it seems, just go step by step and follow along. If you mess up you can always use the Os Doctor.
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    I have to get a Pre first
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrissurra View Post
    The thing is if someone roots it for you, you still wont know how to add mods or programs later on.
    very true. it's the equivalent of saying "if someone can just show me how to open the hood on my car, then I'll be able to rebuild the engine"

    if you're "afraid" to root the phone yourself, or can't figure it out from the numerous examples online, then you prolly shouldn't be rooting your phone as you're likely to brick it soon afterwards. if you're not familiar with linux or cmd line stuff then the device you rely on daily for communication isn't the best place to learn. I'd suggest installing ubuntu (or some other flavor of linux) on your home pc and learn on that first.

    for now, stick to "formal" apps that can be installed without root access. I realize there aren't many right now, but be patient grasshopper.

    read more opinions about this on the page called 'how-root-pre-dummies' (I couldn't provide the link since I haven't posted 10x yet)
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    your brave enough to live in nyc but afraid to root a phone?
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    Well for those that don't know anything about any sorts of programming, I can see where one would have trouble. However, the process of "rooting the Pre" (or Accessing Linux as it is now called) is not as difficult as one might think. It is simply a matter of knowing how to install a program to your PC/Mac/Linux computer, typing something onto the Pre's keyboard, and then copying and pasting individual lines of text.

    First, Google "WebOS SDK." Go to the first link that Google provides, and download the SDK (requires a valid email address). Then, pick up your Pre, slide open the keyboard and type upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart. Click on the "Enable Developer Mode" icon, and click the slider at the top so that it says "on." Now, allow the Pre to reboot itself. Connect it via USB to your PC/Mac/Linux computer and tell the Pre to "just charge." At this point, you need to refer to step 4 on this page: Portal:Accessing Linux - WebOS Internals

    The commands mentioned in step 4 on that page are intended to be typed into a command line prompt (if you don't know what that is, stop right now and Google it). Type the command that appears in bold that applies to your computer's operating system. Now your computer will be "rooted" into your Pre (or, correctly speaking, you will have Accessed Linux).

    At this point, you have 2 options: celebrate the fact that you "rooted" (or Accessed Linux on) your Pre, or you can continue and install Optware and quilt. These are 2 very important tools in modifying your Pre to your liking. To continue with the latter option, copy and paste each of the following lines in order, one at a time:

    [EDIT: Hold on, there's an issue with my links. If you copy and paste them directly it will not work. You will need to go to and copy/paste the wget lines from there. The word wget is highlighted in purple in each line, just to make it eaiser to distinguish.]

    cd /tmp



    Then follow the on-screen instructions (in the command line prompt) to finish installing Optware. Now, copy and paste each of the following lines in order, one at a time



    And simply wait for quilt to finish installing (it takes quite a while).

    At this point, your Pre is all prettied up for the final task, modifying it. From here on out, I recommend you take advise from the following page: Applying Patches - WebOS Internals

    If you have made it this far, you should be able to handle yourself nicely with what is provided in that link. It's just more copying and pasting, one line at a time (in other words, don't try to copy and paste chunks of text all at once, just single lines).

    All thanks to the fine people at the site for this abundance of info.
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