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    Maybe I'm missing something simple, but I've been using my Pre for listening to music at work. I use a regular set of headphones. the only volume control I can see is physical buttons on the side. Problem with this is the "steps" it increases on each press are huge. On one step it's too quiet. I press the volume up button once, and now the music is too loud. Is there a way to control the volume at a more fine-tuned level?

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    Totally agree with you. I've posted a feature request on Palm's website.

    Please do the same!

    Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

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    My issue with volume is that after I exit either the music player or Pandora the volume control sometimes remains tied to the sound. Only turning the phone off then back on will restore the volume buttons to controlling the ringer. Seems like a clunky work around.

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