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    So, I've had my pre for a day and I'm loving it. Is it capable of downloading ringtones?
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    You can't download directly from the phone, but you can upload them to the ringtones folder via usb. Use this program to edit your MP3's down to ringtone size. This program also alows you to amplify the ringtone and still maintain CD quality. let me know if you have further questions.

    By the way, the program is WavePad and it's free.
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    its pretty cool for specific type ringtones and certain song ringtones...

    I would suggest, however, if you want to use a song as a ringtone that you just put the .mp3 of the song in high quality on your phone.
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    Here is a good one also.

    Myxer - Download Ringtones and More
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    Here is a good one also.

    Myxer - Download Ringtones and More
    Unless you can DL these without giving them your number, forget this one. ii
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