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    Quote Originally Posted by punisherdude06 View Post
    Wow, this makes me ashamed of how little my first post contributed to the Palm Pre community.....
    Kind of what I was thinking.
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    WOW! Very nice. Thx.
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    This is Great... Damn, D2g is rocking and now this... Some great stuff in the Pre forums... Thanks again to all.....
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

    Treo's 650-800..NOW,
    Palm Pre
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    How about home brew apps on a different page. Don't think you should mix them up. Maybe a mobile/pre format version to... & when the app cat explodes you can make a iphone formatted one to. :-)
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    how bout a link to the homebrewed section.
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    Hmmm.... Web-apps are definitely worth considering, but I'm reluctant to add them for two reasons:
    1. It goes against the DNA of the site: "WebOS apps"
    2. One of my main goals is to help WebOS app developers by linking out to their websites, I'm afraid linking out to just the web-apps will dilute this a little bit.

    Homebrews fit well, I'm just thinking about how to present them - perhaps in a different page as suggested above.

    Thanks everybody!
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    good start!
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    I really hope you keep your site up to date (Already bookmarked!) especially with the homebrew. You should try to ask on these forums for support from users to help keep current with the latest apps and info on said apps like versions and descriptions and such. Good Luck and thanks!
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