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    Maybe its just coincidence but why do the worst operators in terms of network grab the best phones.

    The way At&T bent over backwards to subsidise the Iphone so they could get exclusivity instead of actually upgrading their network.

    Now in the UK - o2 has the Iphone and a recent report by the Telecom regulator had their network as the worst for 3G coverage.

    So instead of developing their network they are just subsidising the costs of of the phones.

    Now that they have the Pre (I think when o2 realised that it was better to get a hot smartphone then actually develop their network) they would do everything to get the Pre.

    I expect they paid a hefty sum for this.

    But now how will they price the Pre?

    Well my fear is this.

    They will price the Pre exactly the same as the Iphone - if they undercut it then they will lose the margins they make on the Iphone where they perhaps have to sell a minimum amount.

    They are happy not to sell any Pre in return for selling more Iphones and making sure the competition does not have a worthy competitor.
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    Follow the money. You'll get your answer.
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    This type of business practice needs to end including EA sports exclusive deals. Its paying to keep compitition at bay. However I thought the UK did not have this problem at least with the phones and sim cards.
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    Yeah you can sign up to O2 - get the phone and then use the phone on another network but you are still left with the monthly line rental.

    Exclusiv deals raise prices and reduce supply. If the Pre was available across more than 1 network it would sell wel.

    Palm you need to get as many Pre out there now. I can imagine what happened the moment Elevation Partners saw the pound signs (I know they don't run the company but are its single biggest investor)

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