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    I just got back from my vacation from Nederland, TX to Lake Ouchita State Park in Arkansas. This was a good chance for me to test out my data connection and Pandora. The trip straight through should run close to 7 to hours but we stopped and had a big lunch in Marsall.

    I had great 3G until I got out of Jasper. It was quiet in Center, Texas as well but as expected it was all good on Hwy 59 and Interstate 30. My grandmother was impressed when I answered the phone and we could all hear it through the car speakers!

    I was roaming most of the time at Lake Ouchita, but I was able to get my email. I just left my phone on my touchstone at the cabin. I would come in from time to time and "poof" there was my email. The EVDO was never on long enough to get online though.

    My wife's phone downloaded 1.0.4 while we were there, but I had to wait until we were on on way back in Arkadelphia to update my phone.
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    if you were to take many trips like that (i know it was just your vacation) you should invest in a portable wifi connection. especially if other people in the car have wifi-enabled devices

    sweet story though always good to hear
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    Going to your preferences in phone mode and enabling data roaming MAY have allowed you to get on line more easily.
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    Sweet, Nederland resident here.

    I have streamed Pandora on my way to/from work from Nederland to Silsbee every day without a hiccup. I've been loving my Pre...just can't wait for some more apps and updates!
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