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    A quick look into changing your Palm Pre's theme:

    Changing your theme on the Palm Pre is not difficult. All of the images on the Palm Pre are in PNG format.
    1) Root your pre.
    2) All of the applications are located here: /usr/palm/applications/
    3) Copy them to the /media/internal/downloads (or any directory of your choosing in the /media/internal/ directory) You can do this with this command line : cp -a /usr/palm/applications /media/internal/downloads
    4) Exit command line mode and on the Pre, select usb mode and modify your images.
    5) Don't do drugs.

    Modify the pngs and reverse course and you are done. The ICON.PNG in the root of the application folders are what show up on the launcher. Note:The calendar application has a folder /usr/palm/application/ where you have to change each of the png's for each day.

    You can pretty much modify any application this way. Rock onward.

    (I would have attached screenshots but I don't have enough posts, my theme is green on purple and it looks freakin sweet.)
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    I dont get these posting policies, you can post a thread but not post photos? lame
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    I know right... I even have the Urkin Elite symbol behind my dialer... it strikes fear into my enemies!
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    I'll lend you some of my posts.
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