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    is it just me or do other linux users find the pre's find and notification system somewhat similar to gnomedo?
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    Yes... Or QuickSilver (for those of the OS X persuasion), or Launchy (Windows)... It is nothing unique to Linux at this point. It works nicely on the Pre. I was always more of a keyboard shortcut/keyword/search guy than a list/menu/mouse guy. The Pre's paradigm for finding stuff just works for me.

    Now... if we could get the Pre's search to be more customizable (i.e. include emails if you want, include memos if you want, etc), we'd really be cooking with gas!
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    im sure since webos is linux under the hood, it would be possible to create a gnomedo port for webos with all its search capabilities... or maybe more search capabilities will come through updates, which would be better... i was always a menu person till i started getting use to gnomdo and krunner now i'm pretty anti-menu.

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