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    Supposedly there was a fix for MMS on the Sprint netwoek last night. Any confirmation of this?
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    This is a problem with all cell providers. A local TV station used to send out text alerts for severe weather. One night a particularly bad tornado came through the area, so they sent out texts to everyone in the path, but many people did not receive the warnings until well after the tornado had already passed. Some search and rescue people did not get the warning message until they were already searching for survivors. After that, they changed to a phone call based system.

    It gets particularly annoying when getting long messages that get broken up into multiples. Sometimes I'll get the last half of a message several minutes before the first half and have no idea what the person is talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougB541 View Post
    Its network related.

    If its congested, it'll often do that. It happens with everyone. Try again at a different time.

    it does happen to everyone, and txts are not guranteed. but it happens a lot more with sprint than when i had verizon- enough so that i might port back out w/in my 30 days... i have 3 more days to decide...
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    I never had a problem with text messages when I was with T-Mobile. It's an issue with Sprint. It may have something to do with what city you're in as well. T-Mobile in Houston was great! Sprint here...not so much. I get a lot of dropped calls and delayed text messages. I miss T-Mobile but I love the Pre too much.
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