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    Last night after a horrific storm (possible tornado) all of my apartment building neighbors were outside assessing damage when we noticed a power wire on fire caught under an suv Well I whipped out my Pre and decided to call 911 to be on the safe side and the emergency mode popped up to confirm call ... i had good service at the time so i didn't think anything of it until it didn't work!!

    3x I tried dialing 911 and the emergency mode button popped up on the bottom in which I tried dialing through and got nothing ... Now I am assuming the storm had something to do with it since some people on verizon didnt get through either but as i punched away at the digits finally a verizon phone got through while my Pre and Sprint got nothing!

    Whats the point of emergency service thing on the Pre if it won't work effectively ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    Last night after a horrific storm (possible tornado)...
    Haha, you live in Yonkers or New Rochelle?

    I've called 911 on a Pre nearby to you a couple weeks ago for a car accident. It isn't as reliable as I'd like. I was routed to a NY PSAP, then a more local PSAP, then finally my local fire department. It took a good minute to finally get someone. That being said, I had no problem actually getting a line...

    Sounds like some phone infrastructure got messed up and the remaining lines were overwhelmed...

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    Yeah, I heard the NYC area had some wild weather last night. Anyway, I had to dial 911 last week at the interchange of the southern state and the meadowbrook, and had no issues. Odds are that sprint service was down.
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    Yeah it was wild, and to make matters worse that wire that was on fire under the suv was right next to a gas station - omg ...

    But just the feeling of not being able to use the Pre in an emergency like that was very frustrating and scary ... think i may call Sprint and see what they have to say just in case that ever happens again ...
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    I wonder if the people on the Verizon phones started a similar thread. Come on bro, you said it yourself, there was wild weather and other people's phones weren't working well either. Try it now and let us know!
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    911 in cali gets routed to the chp first. I haven't had to use it yet (luckly) but I hope it works wheb I need it.
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    The way it works is when you dial 911 from your cell phone the signal gets routed to the nearest tower. Which isn't always the closest PD to you. I work for a PD and we always get cell phone calls from other cities from people on their cell phones. When you call from a landline the line is registered to the city hence the difference. Hopes this helps.

    Just remember when you call the police from your cell phone just know it may take a sec to get routed to their right station. And please pay attention to where you are. Your location doesn't show like when you call from your landline. In a emergency I will take a few to find you if we gotta call ur cell carrier to find you if you need help and have no clue where you are ( and yes that does happen).
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    Cell phones can be very funny in how they are routed, simple as that. Throw in outages due to the storm, and everyone else in town doing that same thing as you, and you end up with outages. It doesn't take much to fill the cell towers to capacity in a city.

    And as far as the routing of cell phones to different 911 centers, it can be tricky to get tot eh people you need to get to. But operators can generally always get you to the right people, even if you're not instantly routed to the correct one. My personal experience was with using cell phones on a university campus that had its own police department. They had special numbers in place that they heavily advised everyone to know to get directly to the campus PD. If you called 911 on a cell phone, it would go to the city PD, and it would add a couple of minutes to response time for them to get transferred over to the campus PD, but they would still come very quickly.
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    I called 911 a week ago with my Pre (was in a hit and run, no one hurt) and was able to get through just fine. I picked the phone up only a few days before that so it did take me a second to get it dialed due to user error on my part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by syphex View Post
    911 in cali gets routed to the chp first. I haven't had to use it yet (luckly) but I hope it works wheb I need it.
    Where you are probably yes, and me in L.A. too.

    I believe they are working to change this around CA. I called 911 a few months ago when I was passing through El Centro, and got the El Centro PD, not CHP.

    Living in L.A., without a landline, I have programmed 818-734-2209 into speed dial #9. This connects to LAPD as though you are calling 911 from a landline.
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    Had to call 911 after a friend had a seizure in my apartment 3 weeks ago. Worked great. Was really impressed with it.

    I did have a moment though where i realized i wasn't as used to the phone as i thought i was because i had to think how to bring up the dialer menu. Obviously that was more my fault (and the fact that i had loads of adrenaline pumping through my body and was half-drunk). :-P

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