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    it just goes to show that some of you dont know how to put a battery cover back correctly loll
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    If you have a touchstone back it works perfectly. However, will a little bit of work you can put the original. The reason why it creaks ifs because the clip of that part is not snapped on all the way. If you can't get that clip in then put the keyboard side ones in first make one of the front ones not go it all the way.
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    The best fix i've comp up with:

    Rip a very small corner off a piece of paper and fold it in half. Try to have 2 small pieces about the size of the average button on the keyboard of your Pre.

    Insert these pieces of paper into the holes where the claws of the batt door go. This is located on the bottom of the device under the key board.

    NOTE: make sure the pieces of paper lean towards the bottom of the phone, so the claws will still engage properly. Snap on the cover from the bottom - up.

    This worked perfect for me, much better than try to jam things between the phone and the cover. Also the cover sits perfectly flush like this. Do this and forget about the creaks! Please tell me if this works for you
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