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    I have the same issue, shuts down while sitting on my desk. I called sprint tech and they said i needed a new pre and that they never heard of battery issues. Called the store where i got it and they told me there is no such issues with the batteries. He said i would have to swap my pre. I do not want to swap it because I have a good one after three tries. Said they will not swap battery only. Any suggestions. Plus i dont want to have to get another Invisible shield.

    did you try paper trick? i have four batteries one from phone, one centro and two from ebay with charger. i wedge a piece of business card above the battery( to press contacts of battery agains phone) as i saw from a google search and have not had anymore shutdowns
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    I can Confirm that I got a new battery from my local Sprint store here in Houston. I just walked in and mentioned the slider shut down to the greeter, and showed her my battery with the slip of paper. They gave me a new battery and let me keep the old one. All done no questions asked in less than 5 minutes.
    So I have an extra battery now, but still have the same issue. The one they gave me was exactly like the one I had, so the paper is back in place.
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    I too have the slider battery issue. I bought my pre just 2 days ago but i bought it at best buy. Should I go to sprint to see if they give me a new battery or should i just go back to bestbuy?
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    Yay for addressing the problem
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