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    Hey guys, it has been a while since I have left the palm platform for something more reliable. (a blackberry)

    I loved the palm 650/ 700p/w/ 755p/ 800w run but now I would like to try the pre, but I want to know if people who have the pre can still maintain their contacts in outlook.

    This is a huge thing for me, or even using mobile me to keep my desktops synced I dont like using google online since I have multiple email addresses and dont want to mix my professional contacts with my private contacts on the gmail side of it.

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    "I want to know if people who have the pre can still maintain their contacts in outlook."

    Yes. Pocket Mirror.

    "I dont like using google online... "

    You are not required to use it on the Pre.
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    Well currently there is not direct way to keep Outlook and the Pre in sync. Let me see if i understand your concern. You have a GMAIL account that has your personal stuff but you do not want to put your business contacts int hat account. What about creating a separate GMAIL account just for your business stuff. You do not HAVE to use the mail side of GMAIL. That is sort of what I do. I have a GMAIL account that I sync my contacts and calendar to but my email is seperate.

    When you view them on the Pre they will be mixed, but actually your personal and business contacts will be on separate google accounts. At that point you can set it up to sync outlook with the new "business" GMAIL account.

    Of course if you are running Exchange Server it is a completely different kettle of fish. Just set up the Pre to connect to you Exchange Server and google and everything will be separate even though they again appear as one contact list on the Pre.

    Of course I could be misunderstanding what you are concerned about...
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    I am small business so we use gmail for personal and gmail apps for company email. But I maintain three computers (a work desktop, a work netbook, and a personal mac) and use me (.mac) to sync the three, and do not use the gmail feature to keep my contacts in sync since I do not use the net to write emails rather use outlook, due to act! and other software that uses outlook to send emails.
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    Then I would say your best bet if you want to use the Pre is to find a way to keep your Google AP work account's contacts in sync with your work desktop. Google has "Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook" that should do it. I have never used this particular software, so please research it before committing or making a decision. You may have to use the premier for contacts, I am not sure. If so then this would cost.

    I know there are also other methods to do this sync. OggSync for example.

    Sorry, but the short of it is you can't just keep your phone in sync directly with outlook at this time. There may be a solution at some point to do this, but it is not out now.
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    Dang .... that sucks.. you would think palm would figure a way to support the millions of people that they forced to use outlook on their palms in the past....
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    OK, seems you can scratch what I said. caj27 is absolutely correct in this. There is now an ap in the ap store. (not there when I first looked some time back) called PocketMirror for Microsoft Outlook. There may be some kinks to work out, but the reviews generally state that it works.
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    search for Chapura in either this forum or the other forum on synching. I really like Pocket Mirror and it allows you to bypass any server cloud if you want to.

    There seems to be some controversy on the threads about whether Pocket Mirror does full two way synch but it's been my experience (I think) that it does. (i..e deleting/modifying a contact on Outlook or Pre will cause mirrored change on the other platform).

    I just found it much easier to deal with PIM on Outlook than in Google.

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