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    Can anyone help me, when I get an email from say my dad and it has a picture attached is there any way to view it? I know it used to show right in the email but now iy just shows an empty box. Anyone else have this problem?
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    you click on the picture near the header of the email, which turns that area into a download progress bar. when it's finished, the picture will then display in the body of the email. you click on that picture, and the pre will give you an option to copy that picture to your photos app. when you go to the photos app, the picture will be in the downloads folder.
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    It doesn't have anything to cliick on,its not an attached photo its actually part of the email and it shows an empty white box where the photo should be, I got some pics my dad sent me of him golfing no problem cuz he attached them himself but this just happens with emails that are forwarded.

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