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    I haven't dropped mine yet, but my co-worker dropped hers the other day.
    She dropped it about 4-5 on to the concrete and watched it bounce back and forth a few times.

    She showed it to me today and, apart for some scuff marks on the case, it's working perfectly.
    Way to go Palm!
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    When I read the title, I thought it was about dropped calls and couldn't wait to see what the comment was...

    Yes, I've already dropped a call. It told me service sucked as the reason, so it handles dropped calls like a champ too. Unfortunately, it was a telephone interview.
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    I've dropped mine a couple times getting outta my car. It hit the pavement pretty hard but didn't do any damage.
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    3 weeks, first serious drop yesterday, off my hip (maybe 3.5 feet?) onto a concrete sidewalk. Gave myself CPR, picked it up, slight scratch on the left top, opposite the power button. Panicked because it didn't come right up after sliding the keyboard. Reset it and no problems since in 24 hours. Bottom line, pretty stable.
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