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    Just got my Pre.. Should I go ahead and do the upgrade now so I won't be 2 behind when the next one comes out.. // Since I am roaming at home and no data unless useing wifi.; I am assuming I will need wifi on to get the upgrade. yes?? I have bars to talk and text with just no data without wifi on..
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    You can turn on Roaming Data. Phone -> Preferences -> Network -> Data Roaming.

    That said, it will be much faster to update over WiFi. However if all you have is roaming data, you can try that.
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    I don't think you can download updates with 1x... When I tried to do it with 1.04(I was roaming w/data atm), it said I needed a high speed connection to download. So, you need either 3G or Wifi.
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    Thanks for the help. I am going to go ahead and do the update just so I won't be behind..
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    I've been trying to update my phone for the last week with no luck. I even tried it over WiFi and all it does is keep checking for updates then tells me it was unable to connect. Mine is currently on 1.0.2.
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    That is where mine is but I haven't tried upgrading yet..
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    Do you get charged for data roaming?

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