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    So I purchased the Pre at the Sprint store for FULL PRICE and am having some serious buyers remorse. That's a lot of money.

    I am still in my 30 days.

    If any of you were in my shoes, where would you get the phone and whats the most you would pay? I am not eligable for any discounts until December.


    I find it hard to believe I can get a BNIB for so cheap - whats up with those phones?

    Help a noob out here, haha.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
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    I believe ebay or craigslist is the cheapest place to get a Pre...
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    Don't got to e-bay. The phone is too new and it's version 1. Make sure and get it from Sprint, Best Buy, or some other store that gives you recourse if they phone doesn't work right.

    As far as the price of the phone, I'm not the right person to respond, because I'm a food lover and I have a saying, "if I enjoy my food, it's worth any price that I pay, but if I don't enjoy it, even .99 cents is too much." I truly mean it, because even free is too much if the food tastes bad or you don't enjoy it.

    Thus, are you enjoying your Pre and does it do what you need your smart-phone to do for you. Notice I said need and not want. There are a lot of things I want the Pre to do, but there were others that I needed straight out of the gate. I needed SplashID, MyBible, Documents to Go, a book reader (mobipocket or ereader). I wanted audible, Diet and Exercise assistant and a plethora of others. SplashID beta is excellent and Classic ID provide all the others.

    Now here's your consolation if the Pre is working for you. Go on the other carriers website and calculate what your monthly service would cost w/ one of their packages. You're probably saving enough to make up for the additional funds you paid by month three or four.

    Life is too short to have angst over a purchase you've already made. Enjoy your Pre or if you're not enjoying your Pre, return it. That should be the only factor when considering your options or choices.
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    Sprint -> radio shack - > Best buy - > ebay - > craigslist

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