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    I LOVEEE my pre, but just today I came across a weird bug which I'm trying to figure out what happened.

    I text alot on this phone, and so I was texting someone who is saved on my phone as a contact, and saved on the backup too. I wanted to call him, so I clicked on his name on the top of the messaging thing, and all of a sudden it deleted his name, and just had his #? His name showed up in everything, and then he texted me again, and his name got deleted off the threaded text screen and just his # showed up. I had to re-enter his name as a new contact under that phone #.

    It was really weird, and so I tried this with 9 contacts, and with 3/4 the same thing happened, it suddenly deleted their names off my contact list, so if it weren't for the fact that I had them on my texting screen, i would have lost that contact without even knowing.

    Anyone else had this happen to them?
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    thats never happened to me...
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    Nope...*knocks on wood*

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