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    Quote Originally Posted by kmehr View Post
    sorry for the first link.... I did not have any problems (using Safari) and running Windows 7RC. not sure what is causing the problem but never intended to crash or damage anyone's browser/pc
    Well, thanks for removing it anyway. No hard feelings over here, boss.

    You just reminded me to install my Norton because even if I'm a safe surfer, you can't trust every link.
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    I just saw it while watching Conan. It's good, but the way the girl turns around is sort of creepy.
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    I like the new commercials alot!...the facebook blocky thing one has some great music i love that beat....and the syncronized dancers make the "pre ripple" while they sync that womans life up lol!...idk i like them but they may be a bit too artsy for the general public...
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    i thought these were new... have seen those two before.
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    Just saw the one with the girl talking about driving down the road and all the lights are green. They need to get off the kick of just showing off multiple cards. I really don't think people get that. What they really need to show off is Synergy.
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    Most of the people I have talked to hate the Sprint one showing the Facebook "app" (it's misleading making you think it's an app when it's really just their mobile website, the same as on any other phone). The "get right under my skin" song is annoying also.

    These two new ones with this weird lady talking all calm and zen-like about nothing aren't much better. I guess the juggler analogy is kind of cool, but like groovy said, just showing cards isn't really going to show people what the phone can do. People who are unfamiliar with the phone aren't going to know what the cards mean. I'm not an Apple fan at all but they do have effective commercials for the iPhone. Straight forward and show you what the phone does.
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    Yup, bad idea to do artsy when your product is new. You want to be direct to the point. Artsy rarely works and a big risk for new products.

    A prime example is the Wii marketing vs PS3 marketing. Former wnet direct to the point while the latter wasted consumer's time by going all abstract.
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    saw the ad with the chick turning her back. thought it sucked. what is this bliss crap. i don't get it. just tell people what the phone does and stop this mysticism crap. i don't relate.
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    i don't particularly like iphones. i do have ipods for the record. But apple is a damn good marketer. look at most of their ads. quick and too the point and they show a lot of the phone. no mysticism or monks or crap normal people don't get. This is a good ad. to the point shows the phone's features

    here's more. notice the trend in the ones below, to the point shows the phone's features. It's why they are know for being such good marketers. they make few mistakes.

    now to each his own but i think the Pre would be more effective it it did some of this in some of it's ads and less of the chick talking about weird ****.
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    I am using IE8 and have no issue with any of the links and all the links provided are ads that have been out for some time.
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    I'm not too impressed by Palm's Pre commercials, either... I "get" them but they just don't seem that compelling. At least they're showing a little more of the phone in action, though. And is it just me or is that girl saying "bing, bing, bing" when she flips through cards? Microsoft must like that!
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    what do you want them to do? "there isnt an app for that" ad?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonW View Post
    LOL! I just saw it, too, this very minute on CBS. She talked about seeing a juggler and all the balls he had in the air but still being able to handle them and said something about this being like her life and turned to her Pre and began swiping away.
    ROFL that's the Pre commercial?
    I wasn't looking, but just barely listening to the TV and I was like "what kind of commercial is this?"

    I should have watched the rest of it, lmao.
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    Only palm could manage to screw up marketing of a product like webOS and the Pre.

    And these are the guys who will approve apps or provide obvious updates? That's the scary part.

    It's another walled garden (when Palm promised sideloading but reneged), but i'm worried the warden is a nut. Apple may be controlling too but i generally can follow their logic (and predict) in what they do.
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    I haven't see the two new commercials ya'll are talking about but the first two commercials indicated that Palm needs a new ad agency. The ad agency they're using just doesn't understand that artsy, while cute will not help people understand what the phone can actually do for them. But then again, Palm most likely has paid for numerous ideas from the agency and is kind of stuck right now.
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    Palm not only needs a new ad agency but needs to replace whoever is in charge internally. This is just yet the latest misstep in a series of them. Ruby said he learned a lot about marketing from Jobs. Maybe so, but he sure hasn't demonstrated it. He's CEO now..
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    It's another walled garden (when Palm promised sideloading but reneged), but i'm worried the warden is a nut. Apple may be controlling too but i generally can follow their logic (and predict) in what they do.
    How has Palm reneged?
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    People WILL ***** and moan about any and everything
    You want Palm to Copy Apple's approach? The Pre isn't the Iphone.
    they are for different audiences and they are used in different ways.
    This isn't a direct response ad, Marketing isn't show and tell, marketing is selling a concept and an image to a potential consumer. eventually Palm will show off features but it has to sow the seeds of desire first.

    Should geico turn into progressive with their show and tell ads? no
    Abstract marketing works for geico, let palm do what they do
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    How has Palm reneged?
    Palm has absolute control of what goes in the app catalog or what app can be installed on your Pre.

    Applications Can Only Be Distributed Through the Palm Application Catalog. Developer acknowledges and agrees, that absent a separate written agreement with Palm, Developer may not distribute any Application except as allowed by Palm's formal approved distribution process and channel (the "Application Catalog").

    The days of going to a third party site, downloading a palm app and installing are over. The app won't be available unless Palm approves it. Of course we'll have our own version of hacking but that's not the point.
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