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    Hi Pre'ers

    I am very likely to get a pre when my current contract expires and i happened to notice the other day on ebay that there are a lot of "new" pre's for sale.
    The idea of no contract is appealing but i am wondering where are they getting all these pre's? They say new but i wonder if they are refurbs?
    i was under the impression that $300 was the subsidized price from Sprint so how can ebay be selling Pre's for not much more? Are these offers really legit?

    Is there a catch? and if so what is it?

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    Dialing ##768# on the Pre brings up a screen with some logistical data including "RECONDDATE" (date the phone was reconditioned) and "RECONDSTATUS" (whether the phone was reconditioned). A new phone will indicate "--/--/----" and "no", respectively.
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    It's ##786#.
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    For next to the same amount of money I'd buy it in a store. These phones can have spotty quality as indicated by the plethora of threads on issues. Compare what you see here to what you see on Howard forums for the iphone and you will notice that despite having far fewer handsets sold the Pre has an inordinate amount of complaints about quality. Sure some of those are trolls but most are real.

    So don't screw around with Ebay on this device. Get it from the store so you have decent recourse to return it for a new one if things don't work out.
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    Why not just get it from Sprint so you can get the protection plan with it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovdafied View Post
    Why not just get it from Sprint so you can get the protection plan with it?
    You can get the protection plan even if you dont' get it from Sprint direct. You just need to add it when you activate your phone, either online or in a company store. I've done it before.

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    I will try best buy first (to avoid mir) and sprint store second.

    I just wondered how people could sell new pre's for the subsidized price. Are they stealing them off the trucks?


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