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    Quote Originally Posted by gibsonhtp View Post
    $36 a year is for commercial free unlimited listening. $12 is the commercial supported version if you go over 40 hours a month. ($0.99 extra each month you go over).
    Even $36 doesnt get you unlimited skips though.
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    The $36 yearly subscription price for Pandora is well worth it.. You get commercial free.. Plus if you listen on your desktop computer like I do at work, it gives you 192k streams, standalone app if you want (or pandora mini breakaway browser), much longer time before it asks you if youre still listening and cuts you off (I believe 5 hours)
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    $12 a year for unlimited customized radio is a hell of a deal.

    Where satellite radio fails, Pandora succeeds. You watch.
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    Those of you who like Pandora will love Slacker....only thing is that they don't have a Pre app yet. But in terms of internet radio, Slacker is way better than Pandora. I had both on my Blackberry and stopped using Pandora because slacker offers more customization and has close to 4 times as many songs. For those of you who use Pandora at work, you should check out Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirkofalltrades View Post
    $12 a year is cheap as hell. Does anyone know at what bitrate the music on Pandora is broadcasted at?
    I believe the bitrate is 64k... unless you are running an older version of flash, in which case it is 128k
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane112358 View Post
    sorry to threadjack, but I disagree. If you go to a club in detroit, LA, NY, Denver, Houston, Miami, Germany, Tokyo, Seoul...and they are playing trance, and you say "hey this is great techno music!" you will get anyone not too busy spinning glowsticks to stand up and say WTF. The opinion that all electronic music is techno is only perpetuated by people who don't really listen much or appreciate the genre. Electronic music is to techno as rock is to grunge. Trance is a whole different branch, like metal is to rock. Sorry for the rant!
    hahah true than man
    i wonder how many people here trully know what a rave is?
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