So, I've been creating all day events in which I record my workouts at the gym. Usually I start up the calendar, type a little, then leave the calendar entry open while I start up a music player. I have the "Switch Applications" option set to "on" on the "Screen and Lock" app; I use this gesture to jump back and forth from the player to the calendar. I found that I had 4 different tasks when I was done. The first one had just:

BP - 135_10 225_10 275_10 315_4 345_1
The second had:
BP - 135_10 225_10 275_10 315_4 345_1
DBP - 70_10 70_10 80_10
... and so on. I realized that this was caused by jumping to my music player and back to the calendar. Each time, it saves calendar entry progress to that point as a new calendar entry. I jumped back and forth enough to create 6 different items. This seems like a bug. Can anyone test and verify this behavior? For that matter, has this already been noted as a bug? I looked but found nothing like this.

Steps to reproduce bug:
Prereq: Make sure that "Switch Applications" is set to "on" on the "Screen and Lock" app

1) Open Calendar and start a new all-day entry. Give it a title and some notes. Leave this open and in the edit view when proceeding to...
2) Open a music player, or probably most other apps. I used both the Music app and Pandora. Start some music playing, browse, whatever.
3) Using the gesture enabled in "Prereq", switch back to the calendar app. Add a few more notes. Leave it open and in edit mode. Once again...
4) Switch to the music player, change songs, whatever.

Repeat that a few times. Finally, commit your changes to the Calendar and return to the full-day view. You should see that there are multiple versions of the entry you just made.