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    First of all let me say most of my music on itunes is NOT from itunes, so I'm pretty sure itunes purchased songs will not work due to protection.

    First you need to decide what part of the song you want as a ringtone, generally you want at least 30 seconds of a song, maybe a little more than that but not much more.

    Next you need to pause your song to see the seconds or minutes played. The timer in front of the song playing at the top is the start of your time, and when you pause it wherever you want it to end (seconds/minutes after the song at the top of itunes), that will be the end time.

    Third right click on the song you are playing then click on "get info", next you click on the tab "options". Then you will see "start time" and "stop time". Put in the start time the seconds/minutes that will be where you want your ringtone to begin, then for end time of course put the time where you want your song to end. Then click "ok".

    Fourth right click on the song again, and click on "Create AAC Version". You should hear something like a bell chime. Then you click on "Music", and look for your new ringtone (you will know by the seconds listed beside the song, there will be two songs). Next click on your new ringtone and drag it to your desktop, then right click on it and change it from m4r to mp3. After that I just drag it to my pre and wallah! New ringtone!

    I know this seems really long and detailed, but that's how I do it. I used to make then for my iphone that way, but the last step was a little different.
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    thanks, good idea. better than getting just first 30 seconds of song the pre gives.
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    cool, thanks
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    I have found that if you want to more customize your ringtones, you can purchase a very cheap program (I use ringtonemaker). This will give you the ability to chop it up to .10 of a second to get the exact start and stop you want. It also gives you a fade in and fade out feature if you need it. I only paid $10 and I have already made over 50 ringtones for me and a friend that also has this amazing phone! I got my money's worth! I also made ringtones to send to my kids who have another (unmentioned) phone...

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