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    My brother has a blacberry bold.the thing is like a tank, he drops it on concrete all the time and the thing is rock solid. But it is such a drag to use,I was flicking away at the screen like an ***** trying to make a call. You won't relize how natural the pre works until you don't have one around. Enjoy the phone , watch the forums and I am sure before your year warranty is over there will be a new build.
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    After weeks and hours upon hours of standing inside my local Sprint store I finally have a perfect Pre. This is as perfect as they get. It is Pre number 5 for me (Officially, 7th on account, since 2 never made it out the store).

    The Sprint store was awesome at working with me and really wanted to make things right.

    1. Oreo and huge gap on slider
    2. Rebooted 3 times a day
    3. 3 Dead Pixels and Slider shut off issue
    4. Major blotchyness all across bottom of screen
    5. Utopia

    My latest Pre has no gap whatsoever, keyboard is perfect, no dead pixels, no blotchyness and it stays on after I close the slider! Plus the ringer switch and power button fit nice and snug in their places.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akarol View Post
    Yes, you're being too anal. I wouldn't tolerate any stuck pixels, but the oreo effects and gap issues are inevitable. Over time you'll be victim to those problems. It's simple wear and tear.
    NO WAY. I had one with a GAP and finally decided to get another one. The 2nd has a TINY (thickness of a paper) gap and it will NOT all of a sudden GROW a gap! There will be a TINY gap but thats it, and it's not like the top and bottom part of the phone are griding together for it to be a "simple wear and tear" that eventually will end up with a big gap. 3 pre's PAPER size thickness gaps on all of them, 2 of them are a month old now and still SAME GAP.

    When the gap is to big the top screen will miss the "catch" which is a small tab that sticks out from the bottom part of the phone(top left corner). when there is a little gap it will CATCH the tab and therefore the front screen will NOT slide side to side!

    So OP, get a phone with VERY LITTLE gap. Don't listen to the so called "normal" it's not normal, come on!

    Also, my pre has 2 bad pixels, but I only see it when I swap batteries at the palm logo. Once it's fully on I do not see them at all so it's not worth exchanging.

    One thing I have not heard anyone complain is the different quality of the screen on each pre. My pre has a NICE "dark rich like" colors which looks awsome compared to the others. I try not to let my wife look at her pre while looking at mine at the same time. Because she WILL say "why does your pre look so good, and mine fady like?"

    That's another reason I will not exchange my pre for 2 bad pixels that I dont notice anyway on apps. The screen I have looks so GOOD!
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