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    I just checked and in doing so I noticed I have only played 4 times since I exchanged my Pre June 30th. My top score is 7340. My 9 year old daughter also got into the low 7000's on the Pre I returned, I think her score was third overall on that phone.
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    Finally broke into the 9's. My two top scores are 9290.
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    my top 5 scores are as follows.....

    1. 8840
    3. 7640
    4. 7190( GF)
    5. 7140
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    top 5 scores:
    1 - 10940
    2 - 10640
    3 - 10640
    4 - 10340
    5 - 10340

    Yeah, I just have a lot of free time =)
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    highest score is 10490
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    Quote Originally Posted by areinus View Post
    Orange key + shift + p

    That takes the screenshot. Then go to your photos and you should see it under "screencaptures".

    No way. Now you have to post the screenshot.
    Dang I thought I was good for getting 3,150
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    a common theme among these brain games is that the faster you can play -well-, the better your score tends to be since you are taking more chances and performing more correct actions.

    faster play is _encouraged_ because it is a demonstration of learning, if not greater focus and dexterity.

    of course, consecutive hits are compounding but so are consecutive misses, and the latter tend to be weighted much more severely as a check against spamming. you really shouldn't reliably be able to get a high score simply by spamming but generally, being right on the verge of losing control is right where the game designers want you to be.
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    well then....I got a score of 14000 on my first try's proof
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    may not believe this but i played this game first time and got 13000 !!!!!!
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    All it shows is my best score after three days If I remember right the first two were 12000 something and 13000 something

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    Speed Pack
    High score: 253000, 46 correct
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    I have been trying to find some healthy competition with this game. I have 5, 000 fb friends plus followers and no one will join me. I have had a few people make comments aboit their scores being sooo high, but as soon as I ask for confirmation via screenshot, they don't respond. Seemed like I have the smartest people in the country all on my page according to them. I have only been playing a couple months. Maybe once or twice a week. I don't have the full access package so I'm not able to get the extra training in. But I'm thinking it might be worth ot to pay for the upgrade if I'm gonna be playing against people so I have a fair advantage. I think anyoanyone on here claiming to have such a genius level score should post pix. My lpi score stands at 1361. Its clearly not advances in this group my my scores are all abpve average scores. Attention is where I'm slacking. Its holding back my lpi score a lot. I excel in memory and problem solving that are in really high percentiles. Anyone up for a helathy challenge??? We can exchange info and play. Plus it will give me good reasons to play daily.
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    I just created an account on their site.

    But it only offers options to purchase a premium account now. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do for free.

    Huh? I just wasted my time?

    Oh never mind. I had to request the desktop site. I GUESS THAT'S THE FIRST BRAIN TEST!

    EDIT: it seems I can only play on a desktop with the latest Flash player. It's not letting me do anything on this android tablet. It would have been nice if their hardware restrictions were mentioned before i gave them my email. That's two strikes for UX here. I'll pass now.

    (leaving this in case anyone else is equally confused)
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    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    This is for speed match with color/shape matching. I think that's what we're talking about right?


    1. 34000 02/15/15
    2. 33900 02/12/15
    3. 32100 Today
    4. 31100 Today
    5. 29400 02/04/15
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    Speed pack. I love this game.


    1. 59500 02/26/15
    2. 39900 Today
    3. 38500 03/02/15
    4. 37200 02/19/15
    5. 34200 Today
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    My top Lumosity scores:
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    Speed Match: 24,200
    Brain Shift: 18,700
    Penguin Persuit: 8,180
    Trouble brewing level 10
    Train of thought level 14

    I have the free version so those are the only three I can see now
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