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    OK, I'm not a marketing professional, but Palm needs some help. I'm sure they have good reasons for all they're doing (or not doing), but from a consumer perspective, they're making some missteps. I'm posting my advice here and hope others will add.

    1. The concept ad was a lot of money wasted if there is not a followup that clearly builds on it. Creating an add that creates questions is great if you expect the average smart phone user to get the answers or if you expect to quickly answer them. The average smart phone user DID NOT run down to Sprint to answer their questions and soon it will be too late to answer them. Consider a features/functionality ad based in REAL experience. Apple did one (Yes, I know their product is mature), but for the uninitiated these simple commercials matter (if you do multiple flavors). BTW, online ads are much better and hopefully complement the concept ad.
    2. Not having more apps released by now if becoming a drawback. Not so much that no apps are released but because NO information is available about who is working on apps or when they'll be ready. This needs to change - Pronto.
    3. Is the phone for corporations or not. Sprint has no official opinion and those of us who work for corporations aren't clear either. Yeah, we know you're gonna fix EAS, but what is the medium term plan - Is there a plan?

    It's only been a month or maybe it's been since January. Either way, momentum is important - particularly in tech. Here today, gone tomorrow is very common in this industry. More than anything Palm needs to end the silence. They've done some of this regarding the SDK and NDA changes, but those on the fence (not most of us on PreCentral) need more.

    Good luck.
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    I have to agree that the Chinese concept ad is very, very poor. It tells the viewer nothing about what the Pre is or does, or why it's better at managing all my lives than.....what? It's not even clear what category it falls into. Is it a phone, an organizer, a ..... what? It reminds me of the original ads for Infinity, which never even showed the car, and failed horribly.

    As much as we like to laugh at Apple's ads which make it seem like Apple invented video recording and cut-and-paste, they at least tell you what the iPhone will do for you.

    And while I understand why the app catalog is so limited, it is a problem. I've seen several articles in the lay press about the Pre, and they all complain about the lack of apps. Joe the plumber doesn't care if this phone is only version 1.0. He sees thousands of iPhone apps, and 20 Pre apps, and walks out of the Sprint store.
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    Ignoring phone OS issues which are pretty plentiful Palm's biggest misstep is communication.

    We have gotten a couple of uodates that haven't really done much of anything but ots better than nothing.

    We have been told that the SDK will be out at the end of summer.

    That is it.

    No list of things they are working on. No acknowledgement of any real issues. No indication that they really even care or that we can expect fixes to any of this.

    Palm could do themselves a favor and put a list of short term goals (say 30 days) mid term and long term items they are working on. They aren't hiding the device's short coming by not talking about the issues they are only pissing people off with unnecessary silence.
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    Aridon, sorry to break it to you, but no other company does that. Not Apple, Microsoft, Google, none. What you're asking for would be nice, but very unrealistic. Just be thankful that updates are coming along and addressing issues that seem be to be getting the most attention. Palm is doing a fine job.
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    This biggest screw up a company can make is promising and not delivering. Anyone who has worked in software knows that unforeseen issues can make what seemed like a week job, turn into a month. The best formula for success is under promise and over deliver. To say too much is risking the opposite.
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    First, every new smartphone has software issues. Those of us around at the start of the Treo faced a lot of the same issues and the Pre is a lot more complicated than the Treo - mechanically, electrically, and software wise. IMHO the only important thing is that the company work on resolving the issues which Palm has been doing. Those "minor" updates so far have fixed a bunch of problems for me. With the OTA delivery system they will be able to keep improving WebOS and the apps continually.

    Second, as mentioned before, sliders, flippers, and swivel phones inherently have mechanical disadvantages, don't last as long as "slab" phones, and fail early and often. You must BABY them or you will have problems! If you can't or won't you should wait for the Pixie (why do you think Palm is rushing that out?)

    Lastly, the Pre is a total concept which incorporates a lot of new ideals which have been executed fairly well ... but not perfect. Next June (just before iPhone 4.0 release) we will see the Pre 2.0 (16 GB) available and the evolution will continue ... better hardware, better software, better apps.

    So, everyone take a DEEP breath, and focus on what you liked about the Pre initially and drove you to purchase it. Then patiently work the issues. Don't let issues stop you ... find someone at Sprint (corporate stores, please!) that can do something. I've been dealing with Sprint for a long time and persistence pays off. I'm about to e-mail Dan Hesse about a corporate store (repair center no less) refusing to exchange my sons Pre that has a scratch/crack in it because it was a "cosmetic" defect!

    Just my take but thought it might help ...
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    I don't expect Palm to acknowledge build quality issues. I don't expect Palm to outline all the bugs it's finding. I understand doing so could undermine your success. I don't expect timelines and was happy to get one regarding the SDK.

    I'd like them to let THIRD PARTIES to announce what they're working on. I'd like them to give a development path for current apps. More than that would compromise them competitively and I get that.

    If there is a glaring hole like Video, say you're working on it - like they did with Exchange support. Leaving an audience to assume means many select the bird in hand and not in the bush. The whole reason for the Jan announcement and the June release was to upstage others. Well, they need to consider that regarding ongoing development.

    It pisses people off when they see the company spending money, time and Facebook real estate on these MARGINAL ads when other more pressing matters go lacking.

    I'm a Palm loyalist. I'll suffer through it. Many, Many, Many others, including my wife, will not.
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    What is worse than Palm having no PRPRPR $with$ $the$ $community$? $Lack$ $of$ $support$? $Its$ $the$ $customers$ $who$ $make$ $excuses$ $and$ $accept$ $the$ $lack$ $of$ $good$ $business$ $practices$! $Just$ $cause$ $Apple$, $MS$. $Do$ - $doesn$'$t$ $mean$ $we$ $should$ $all$ $accept$ $this$....$maybe$ $that$'$s$ $why$ $were$ $here$ $and$ $have$ $the$ $pre$ $instead$ $of$ $an$ $iphone$ $or$ $winmo$ $phone$.

    IMO - we have provided support to Palm when we purchased the pre, now its up to Palm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendellp View Post
    What is worse than Palm having no PRPRPR $with$ $the$ $community$? $Lack$ $of$ $support$? $Its$ $the$ $customers$ $who$ $make$ $excuses$ $and$ $accept$ $the$ $lack$ $of$ $good$ $business$ $practices$! $Just$ $cause$ $Apple$, $MS$. $Do$ - $doesn$'$t$ $mean$ $we$ $should$ $all$ $accept$ $this$....$maybe$ $that$'$s$ $why$ $were$ $here$ $and$ $have$ $the$ $pre$ $instead$ $of$ $an$ $iphone$ $or$ $winmo$ $phone$.

    IMO - we have provided support to Palm when we purchased the pre, now its up to Palm
    You said it right there. I agree. Everyone has a great idea on how JR should do his business. Give me a break. If your (not you, generally speaking) are on the fence because of apps.. Please allow me to push. Timelines are the biggest way to disappoint.
    No matter what, there will always be a critic(s). So, what if Palm were to open the app store with 100 apps. People would complain, apple has a million, google duz this, berry has this.

    I feel this is enough marketing (sprint). Most users purchasing or using a smartphone have the correct guidance. There are so many angles for why one person would buy one phone from another. I've yet to see a perfect release from any phone manf. Or carrier. (maybe the motorola razr, but not a smartphone)

    As for marketing, I think palm did an ok job promoting. As for the earlier comment about the facebook ad thing. Are you serious? Is that not the big fat middle they were aiming for? Big audience on facebook.
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    Since these post were done recently realistdreamer. I believe I read somewhere.... Not sure where.... That some type of agreement for the end user was modified to allow users building or working with the sdk to publicly discuss their projects. Duh. The front page. Check it out.

    As for the marginal ads, real estate facebook and the big glaring hole, like video..... Where do they get money from? Selling pre's. How do they sell pre's? Marginal ads under a tight income.

    For all we know_ they mightve rushed the phone and didn't want to sell a million. Think about it. Doesn't this phone seem like it was rushed just a little bit? But palm & the public could not wait. They set a deadline and met it... Yet your not happy with it.

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