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    This may be "old hat" to people who have seen it elsewhere, but there is a nice integration between Google's voice-based directory service and the Palm Pre. An example is the best way to describe it:

    1. Call 1-800-GOOG-411
    2. Answer it's questions to find a restaurant, look up a business, etc.
    3. When you get the list of results, and confirm what you want is in that list, say "Message"
    4. Google will send a text message to your Pre. Hang up and open the text message.
    5. You can click on the link to bring up a web browser page with your results list.
    6. Click on the"Map" button next to any entry in the list, and it will open the map in Google Maps
    7. You can click on the Menu button to Get Directions. The "From field" will say "Enter Address" (ignore this) and the "To" field will be your destination. Simply click to get directions!

    While you are on Goog411 listening to the list of search results. if you say the number of one of the entries in the list (such as "Number 2") it will then start giving you the information about #2 and you can at this point say, "Message" and it will send a text message to your Pre with details of that specific address, and a link to a map. However, oddly, this link opens in Google Maps website rather than in the local Google Maps application. Thus, it can't access the GPS for driving directions from your present location, and generally doesn't work as well using the Pre's touch interface.

    This is actually better than the "call in" feature in Sprint Navigation, which cannot do general business name or category searches, but can only do address-based searches (to my knowledge).

    I suspect this feature works (to some degree) on other smartphones as well, but I just discovered it by accident on the Pre yesterday.

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    It's a great feature and most useful for non-smartphones. On the Pre I find it easier to just type what I'm looking for in the maps app.

    You can also try Google SMS by texting your query to GOOGL (46645) or give Cha-Cha a shot.

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    Just use the Where app.
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    I second the Where app, seems like a lot less steps than the Google service.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!

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