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    hmm.. it's hard to do a controlled test..

    after being convinced it was exchange/EAS.. today I took the charger off at 7:15am.. it's 2:15pm. 7 hours and it's 57%. So about 6% an hour. no phone calls, about 5 sms, used yelp to find a yogurt shop. used google maps 3x to find a store. All which I closed and double checked after that GPS was off. checked twitter 2x, and read 5 web pages. I'd consider fairly light, as in aggregate all this activity was under 30 min total, just throughout the day.

    I'm going to re-install exchange today and see how much faster it drains. It's definitely better without exchange, but not great like my wife's phone.. she didn't charge hers yesterday and was at 65% one full day later?? i'd kill for that.

    But i'm on my 3rd pre, and if I recall, they all sucked. She's on her 2nd, and both of hers awesome. I've even switched batteries with hers.

    Could it be my profile with palm?
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    Smartphone, is your phone in the same location as your wife's during the day?

    My wife also gets better batt life, but at home we have a stronger signal than I do at work. I think the combination of EAS and lower signal gives me less battery life than hers.
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    jp99 yup, we spent the weekend with eachother.. no difference in location.

    Either way, most of it was at home with Airave...
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    Just got back from a day at Disneyland with the kids. Even in a location with spotty coverage (Disneyland at Anaheim, CA), my battery life was excellent.

    Took the phone off the charger from an overnight charge (Blackberry 700mAH charger) and left the house at 6:55a. Used texting all day as primary form of communication with kids at different rides at Disneyland and California Adventure, but also made a few two-minute calls. Received about 6 pieces of e-mail throughout the day. Loaded only a couple of web pages the whole day, so practically no browser use and no multimedia use at all. Arrived at home 12:04a with 51% battery left.

    I'm sure that if I had done some significant web browsing listened to a few songs, the results would have been significantly different. But for strictly phone use, the battery held up just fine.
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    I'd give my left hand for that battery life...
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