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    The Pre is truly a great device and will continue to get better. However, I had to return mine.

    The reason is not because of the list of (mostly) minor issues and annoyances, such as emails not deleting off the POP server; or inability to connect to our Exchange Server; its annoyingly short battery life; no direct conduit to move calendar, contacts, memos, or tasks from an older PalmOS device; or the quality of tech support at Palm. All except the extreme latter will surely become better in time.

    No, what it all boiled down to for me was the fact that Sprint was not able to add it to my existing 4-line family plan. Instead, they wanted me to upgrade my existing plan to one of the newer plans that basically forced me to pay for extra minutes I wouldn't ever use, and if I ever did, would be subjected to severe overages. The new plan would have forced me to place additional features (at $10 more per line), that used to be optional, onto lines that would never use them. Overall, it would have cost me in about $50 more a month to REPLACE one of the existing lines with the Pre and upgrade the plan (old plan was $90+tx, new plan would be $136+tx).

    Now, I can see paying a bit more for the use of the Pre. Say $10 or even $15 more a month. It would be well worth it. But $50 per month, to quote a line in an old Monty Python movie, "is right out!"

    The good news is that the cancellation dept. at Sprint has heard the frustrations of many customers on this issue, and is passing it along to the powers-that-be. If and which at such a time that this issue is addressed, I'd be willing to reconsider the Pre. In the meantime, I'll be sticking with my Treo 755p and current family plan.

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    Who uses tech support? Unless there's a warranty issue, I think the web, precentral and Google are more than enough tech support.

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