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    Do any of you think it would be possible for the Pre to play a game like Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction?

    Multiplayer PC System Requirements and Options

    * 64 MB RAM
    * Open game Creators and TCP/IP game Hosts: 128MB RAM recommended (256MB RAM in games with over 4 players)
    * 950 MB available hard drive space
    * 28.8 Kbps or faster modem
    * Up to 8 Players over TCP/IP Network or® (Requires low-latency Internet connection with support for 32-bit applications)

    Optional PC 3D Acceleration

    * Supports Glide™ and Direct 3D™ compatible video cards with at least 8MB of video RAM. Direct 3D™ requires 64 MB of system RAM

    And if so, would it be able to play online? This would be interesting to see
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    First of all, PC requirements are not the same as mobile phone requirements. Secondly, it would only work, if someone ports the game to the Palm Pre and if Palm gives access to the inner level APIs needed for 3D graphics.

    I highly doubt it will happen (Diablo II port)
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    Also, the code for the game is C++, WebOS is written completly different, so chances of it being ported would be very low unless an open source version of the game was created or somehow windows could be emulated to play the game - which would also be nearly impossible.

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