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    I'm hoping to get a response from someone familiar with the Sprint phone activation process. My wife has a 600-minute family plan with 4 phones, of which my current ancient flip phone is one of the 4 phones. My wife has had many billing calls with Sprint about unexpected account charges and changes over the last couple of years.

    I am getting the Pre through a store other than the local Sprint store and want to avoid a free-for-all when it comes to activating the Pre with Sprint. What will be the easiest and least problematic way of getting the Palm Pre set-up on the same account without disrupting the account settings for the other phones (roaming, SMS counts, phone "insurance", etc)? I'd like to be able to walk into the store with confidence that the phone can activated with the least hassle and the fewest future billing issues about unexpected charges or unexpected account changes.

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    It will require a plan change.
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    This is the easiest, but may not be the best for your bill. Arrange activation and plan change on the day your billing cycle starts. Take your phone off your shared plan and put it on the Everything 450 plan which includes data. This will avoid any pro-rated charges and your other lines will retain their old plan and price. The only thing that will change is the price for your line with your Pre.
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    Thanks. I think we may go for a family plan after all. After doing some math, it appears there is perhaps only about $5-10 difference between splitting off my new phone to a new plan (keeping other 3 phones on old plan) and switching the entire family to the 1500-minute family plan. My wife has a Palm Centro which could benefit from the data plan and unlimited texting would work well for our college-age daughter (never mind that she'll probably want a pre once she knows I have one ).

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