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    have seen a bit about the evernote and a friend just pointed me to the\notebook page. Also see gmail docs is out there. Does any of the gmail applets allow us to take our treo notes (memos) and put them on the cloud then have them sync on the pre or is that still a 'not yet' process. Other then buying one of the apps out there now for pre from the app store.

    as much as I don't like a cloud knowing all of my stuff I do like it all sync'g together. heck I would pay google just to let me have a place to store it all so that they don't scan my information...anyway that is not the reason for the post.

    coming from the 755p it is hard to accept that palm left us in the dust for our pim information...sad really since that is what they build the palm devices on to begin with.
    thanks for any input
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    I too, relied heavily on the memos to store frequently accessed information while I'm on-the-job treating patients. My 755p was so quickly able to open up and find the appropriate memo (of which I have nearly 200 densely written memos).

    With Palm Desktop, I was able to create the memos using my original-sized home computer keyboard and transfer them easily and quickly to the Palm. Now, no more. Google has the docs thing, but interestingly, it was not incorporated into this synergy thing.

    If my Pre were to crash today, does Palm Profile back up all this information and quickly re-download it?
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    This was the first thing I asked MotionApps regarding their Palm Classic Pre App after I downloaded it. I read on their website that many people have asked for the same thing. We want to be able to sync our Palm Desktop Memos to the Palm Classic App Memos on the Pre. I have not received a response from MotionApps (been a week now). However, I did read from their site they may be working on it for a later update. I don't know. I am not about to hold my breath. But it least I know they know about it.
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    Here is a bit lengthy and mechanical way of Transferring your Treo PalmOS Memos from your PDA to the Palm Pre. It will involve installing the FileZ application by NoSleep Software to your Palm OS device, and using the external storage card to move the data from one device to the other.

    I would prefer to be able to sync this data from Palm Desktop to my Pre (still hoping). But for immediate help moving large data files this certainly beats physically re-entering all your data.

    I do not have the required 'Post Count' here to post the link to the MotionApps Support page, which outlines this process. So, go to and click on their "Support" page on their website; then click "Classic How To" and look for "How to move PIM and other data (i.e., PDB files) into Classic?"
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    I'm curious, since I'm about to make the same move (755p to Pre) - how did this work out for you? Are you happy with the choice, and have a functional way to deal with notes?
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    I'm curious, since I'm about to make the same move (755p to Pre) - how did this work out for you?
    still a work in progress...
    I'm a person that uses a phone more for talking and looking up notes then surfing the web or texting though I will say being able to send a quick reply instant message while on a wireless network is nice (both cards open). the ipod touch 'like' expand/small web page viewing is 80% that of my touch...mostly due to smaller screen size.

    Are you happy with the choice, and have a functional way to deal with notes?
    only have my govt notes copied over as plain text files put on device by usb sync to pre from my desktop and use the doc view app that comes on the pre. hoping someone makes an app to allow me to put them into folders or catagories then will move other files over.

    about to go drop off my 755p for my $50 credit so guess the pre is 'good enough' as is for the moment for me to make the move. wish pim suppport was there but in time I think it will be.
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    isnt google making a new
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    I'm sticking with my old 700p until there is a sync solution for memos. I'm still in disbelief that palm didn't have this covered as some of us have been storing memos since the very first Pilot.

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