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    I am a previous Blackberry owner and just wanted to know if i have to keep deleting text messages, emails, clearing my browser cache, etc to keep it from freezing up or possibly getting into "low memory" status and having to do battery pulls.
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    No, you shouldn't have to do those things with the Pre.
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    I haven't had any problems with my Pre freezing or crashing due to too many emails or texts, so I haven't had the need to do any of the deleting you mentioned. But then again, I never had those issues you mentioned with my previous two blackberrys either.

    Good luck! You'll love the pre. Going back and using a BB makes the BB interface and UI feel real ancient.
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    The only few times I have had issues with memory have been with the Browser. I had six cards open, but i could not reply to an email. I closed all of the card except for the Browser and I still couldn't. Closed the browser and i was able to reply. But other than that i have not had an issue.
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    Previous blackberry user here as well and love the fact I don't have to worry about my free mem.

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