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    A case takes care of this I use a rocketfish case, it gives me more tactile grip and the phone still fits in its leather sock
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    Quote Originally Posted by wordweaver View Post
    Touchstone back is very nice and feels great in your hand. It's also much, much easier to grip. Not sure about cases yet: I'm awaiting the delivery of my Touchstone compatible case from Seidio. That one looks promising
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    The TS back is a necessity in my opinion. I wish I had it on launch day. I dropped my phone on a tile floor when it slipped out of the microfiber cloth 6 hours after I had bought it. As far as the Seidio case is concerned I have the new Surface case on preorder so I'll let everyone know when I get it.
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    But then they couldn't charge an extra 20 bucks ... or they should have just have the same coating
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    I would say buy the touchstone back even if you don't get a touchstone charger. It is that much better.
    I agree completely. With the touchstone back cover, I feel like I have a new and better Pre. I suspect that they used the plastic (original) cover for two reasons: 1) lower manufacture costs and 2) to make people pay $20 for the touchstone back cover.

    I think this was a big mistake. Many of the "plasticky" and "cheap" consumer and media reviews would not have happened if the touchstone cover had been the original phone cover. It adds some needed substance to the device and makes the phone feel much more solid. I definitely would recommend this cover even to someone who isn't interested in the touchstone.


    P.S. I've had a Pre since day one but the Touchstone only for three days. I deliberately came looking for a post on this subject because I think it's important that more people know about how much the touchstone door improves the device.
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    I can honestly say that I have never used my Pre with the cover it came with nor would I want to. I purchased the touchstone along with the Pre and the Sprint rep replaced the cover for me. I love love it and would also recommend the touchstone back cover even if you do not plan on getting a touchstone. Of course you could alway opt of a full body skin like Invisishield or Ghost Armor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frothybyte View Post
    I got the invisishield and ot made world of difference in my hands with regard to getting a better grip.

    It also doesn't show fingerprints nor face grease nearly as bad. I think it was totally worth the money.
    I want to second this. I always found myself fearing that I'd drop the phone when I slid it open without the Invisishield installed, but with it installed it works great! And no more fingerprints!
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