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    So my wife brings me our first Sprint bill since the Pre and says "Look at this"..My data was at 340, has a BB adn was at 24k. I guess I like my Pre. How much data did you use?
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    lets not forget that first big update that was over 100 mb (although i imagine if you did that over wifi it wouldnt be there). but still...

    think i was around 400
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    450 Minutes Included
    14 Minutes used
    Unlimited Night & Weekend Included
    11 Night & Weekend Minutes used
    Unlimited KB included
    817,294 KB used
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    I'm at 570mb, but that's from the 17th. 917 text messages. I seldom sent text messages before I got this phone.
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    I'm at 1.2GB, with one more week to go til end of billing cycle.
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    Wow, I just checked my bill for the month I got my phone, and from 6/6 to 6/20 I used over 2.2gb of data... thats only 2 weeks!
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    My data usage is not too high right now but if they ever released a Sling Player for the Palm Pre, my usage is gonna jump like crazy. I hope they do!
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    i became a sprint customer on the 6th, when can i expect my first bill?
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    I use wifi when at home and at work so my data usage on the Sprint network is pretty minimal, only used about 120mb
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    I'm about 250MB with 2 weeks to go. I'm usually around wifi so that's the only reason it isn't higher.
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    now we know why other carriers such as tmobie att and verizon have a diffrent data plan for smart phones.. they must charge more because of the type of browser smart phones use since it uses up more data
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    Anytime Unlimited 2243 Unlimited -- --
    Directory Assistance 0 1 0 1
    Data/Others Included Used Remaining Additional Used Additional Charges
    Text Unlimited 3627 Unlimited -- --
    Sprint Data Unlimited 642923 Unlimited -- --
    Premium Services | Details 0 2 0 2
    Picture Mail Unlimited 44 Unlimited -- --

    and still going till july 11
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    i became a sprint customer on the 6th, when can i expect my first bill?
    Like most things, Sprint bills on a monthly cycle.
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    Not too bad so far, I had at least 2gigs by the first two weeks. I use Pandora ALL the time. I don't use my car radio at all anymore only Pandora.
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    Dang some of you guys would hit caps on broadband lines haha.
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    I'm at 753MB from the 6th thru the 25th, 393MB 25th thur now
    Thats going to get a lot higher once i have a charger for work so i can listen to pandora all day!
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    Now you know why Sprint is requiring unlimited data plans for there smartphones.
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