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    When I first began using the Pre I would close all applications once I was done using them so my battery life could last me through the day but now with moderate use I get about 10 hrs of battery life.

    Normally I have at least 3 apps running at all times in card view:

    text, email, Myspace

    but more often I have up to 6 apps running:

    Where, memos, calendar

    How many apps do you have runnning on your Pre at all times?

    Honestly, this is where the PRE kicks a$$...since my most used apps are always running I can view all of them in a second or two without having to open or really do anything...and if an idea or question pops into my head....Universal search baby
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    In my experience leaving multiple Cards open does NOT adversely effect battery life:

    At 12:00PM battery level 91% w/ 0 cards opened
    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS radios all on

    I proceeded to open 18 cards. Including, email w/ 2 accounts, Tweed, Facebook, 3 websites, NY Times, AP News, Fandango, SMS, Google Maps, App Catalog, Accu Weather and a few others I can't remember right now. NOT Sprint Navigation.

    At 6:25PM battery level is 59% w/ all 18 cards still open. Made several phone calls and Tweets, emails and texts as well.

    after 12 hours w/ 18 cards open and numerous phone calls plus Wi-Fi, bluetooth and GPS enabled:

    Battery at 23%

    For a total of 68% battery consumption in 12 hours. Not the best battery life I've ever seen but I think it's safe to put to bed any worries about leaving cards open excessively draining the battery.
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    If you're not leaving apps running, then you may as well own a slower iphone?
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    i close them all when i'm done, not because of fear of battery drain or anything like that, but because i like looking at the uncluttered wallpaper "desktop." what i'd like to see is a way to have the opened cards be off the side of the screen, so that just a tiny sliver of the card is visible. that way the "desktop" remains uncluttered while access to opened card is easy.
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    ^^I put them into "tiny" mode so I can view my wallpaper too
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    I usually have Calendar, Email, Messaging, Accuweather (although bummer that it doesn't auto-update), and two Tweed cards (didn't know whether to count that as one app or two, so I said 5 total).
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    It varies. I normally keep ALL INBOXES open and Calendar. Once I figure a good soft reset schedule, I might leave others open and then just reset to clean things up.
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    Is anybody else getting the same battery life that Wirelessness is getting? In all honesty I think that is outstanding performance, especially considering the various tasks that you are executing. My battery life has been significantly less.

    Along these lines, I am also impressed that 18 cards were open at the same time. Occasionally I get the message that I have to close cards, but I have never had more than 5-6 open at the same time. I believe this is primarily when I use the New Card menu option while browsing the web.
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    ^^I use my Pre a lot and I take it off the charger around 10am....When I get home around 9pm my battery is usually around 40%

    I used the tip a poster gave us a while back which was to take it off the charger in the morning when its at 100% and reconnect it within a few seconds while you start your day. Once your ready to go disconnect and youre set.
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    well i normally always close everything everytime...but after reading ur posts ima start leaving my cards open and c how that goes
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    I usually have Email and calendar open and, for most of the day, Pandora.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    If you're not leaving apps running, then you may as well own a slower iphone?
    No, just because you don't leave the apps opened doesn't mean you don't want to use more than one at a time when you're actually using your phone, I'll open 3-5 cards while using sometimes and then just close them out before I hit the power button, notifications are all I'm really interested in leaving opened...
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    I always close them if i don't see the need to use again in the next hour or so, just for the clutter, i hate feeling cluttered on my phone, it's usually the one uncluttered piece of my life lol
    i have seen no effect either way on battery life with apps open or closed
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    well i normally always close everything everytime...but after reading ur posts ima start leaving my cards open and c how that goes
    You have to try it out.....having multiple cards open is the beauty in getting a Pre in the first place IMO. Even though battery life can be bad, I haven't noticed it getting any worse by having multiple cards open. Started the day (6am) on 100% and got home (somewhere around 6pm) with 35% left.

    While I'm at work I have my calendar, email and messaging up at all times. I'm constantly checking it during meetings, sending texts and opening a couple more cards (tweed, facebook or bookmark).

    On a sidenote, would still be nice to have some kind of LED notification so that I'm not constantly turning the phone off/on just to see if I missed anything.
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    I usually close my apps. The only exception would be when I'm logged in to meebo. But, as soon as a Yahoo! IM plugin is out I won't have to do that either.
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    I closed all apps initially as well, but now I leave certain ones open. Tweed is open all the time. Web app with google reader is open constantly. Text is open next to memos and the nyt app.

    I find google reader really helps out with the web situation on the pre. Find an article you like, click it, it opens a web page, read article, close it, back to google reader. Email I open as needed. Calendar I also keep open although I havent added my school account yet-just want to get used to it.
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    I usually always have text open.
    If I'm driving or at work, Pandora is running.

    Everything else gets closed pretty much, unless I'm using them all.
    For example when browsing the web I usually have a few pages open, text, and sometimes pandora.

    Tweed's becoming more popular for me (just joined twitter).
    Might have to start leaving it on.

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