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    Quote Originally Posted by JFGABEL View Post
    This is actually what my wife did to mine. She thought it was too bright.
    Don't you hate it when your wife tells you to put a baseball cap over it?
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    I just leave my phone on the touchstone in the kitchen when I go to bed... I'm sleeping, I don't need a phone.
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    I just turn the phone so that it is facing away from me. Then what little bit of light I can see doesn't bother me. But if drove me that nuts I'd just cover it or stick it in the nightstand drawer.
    "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." ~ Samuel Beckett
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    Touchstone - noun - An expensive accessory that turns your Palm Pre smartphone into a nightlight instead.

    Thanks for all of the forum users who have made comments like, "put something on top of it" or "leave it in another room". You are truly geniuses and helpful to all who are fed up with this problem.

    I'm breaking my 12 year Palm addiction because the company has made it apparent that they no longer care about making devices that work the way people want them to. Back in June when this device came out and people began complaining about this "feature", Palm could have spent the hour or so of programming time it took me to hack a setting to turn the screen completely off while on the Touchstone. Instead, they have rolled out several updates, each time breaking my patch, with no such feature.

    Palm is done listening and I am done buying. Nuff said.
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    Touchstone SHOULD work like this... or at least have an option or 2

    Place Pre on touchstone.. touchstone times out and turns screen completely OFF... an alert comes in.. it turns screen on... times out turns off.. you tap the screen to see the time.. it turns on and times out.

    it still should NOT be on the WHOLE night.
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