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    Has anybody tried restoring from this backup? Is any data being sent or is it just an indicator that for some poor reason says a backup was performed. No reason for tinfoil hats until you know that your data is being transferred when you have turned it off.

    Suggestion - make a new entry in contacts called "Don't Back Me Up" or something. Wait 24 hours with Backup turned off, then hard reset your phone and try to restore the data. If that entry is in contacts, you know that the data is being backed up and then you have a real reason to complain...otherwise it is most definitely a bug.
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    Great idea, Mark.
    That would also confirm that when you say "delete backup and turn off" that it really does delete.
    Problem is, that it also randomly turns itself back on, so solving for "Is it just a false indicator when it is off" doesn't completely solve the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo Dude View Post
    As long as it can be changed back to reinstate updates/app catalog, it works for me.
    You'll have to learn the "vi" text editor to delete the line from /etc/hosts to back this change out, if you don't know it already.....
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