I have two email accounts setup, Cox and Gmail. Both have worked fine up until I believe the last update. The Gmail works fine, but the cox account does not.

I cannot view any emails in my cox account inbox. When I click on it, it just shows the "Press (refresh icon) to refresh", it shows I have I new emails, but the screen is blank. I can veiw an email if I click the notification when it comes in, but if I go back from that email, my inbox is still blank. This has happen the last, 4 days or so.

I have played around with different settings for the account, but nothing works. The currents settings have worked since day 1, which are:

Authentication on
port: 995

Authentication on
port: 465

I set up another cox account on my phone and it works fine.

I am tempted to just delete the account and set it up again, but I don't want to lose my sent items. Or have to read on hundreads of emails again. Next step is to call support, but I figured I would try the forum first.

Any ideas?