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    am having a problem with my pre,when the slider is open ,when am in conversation or open apps and i close the slider it shuts down my phone,i have to re start it again,funny thing is, that was not an issue before.has anyone experinced this? what could be a possible solution? the way love this phone,,pre.
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    Please do a search. There arw tons of posts about this. Stick some paper between your battery and battery door and then go get on the list to get a new Pre.
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    I took my pre back to Sprint within 24rs that I received it! After 5 hrs of being sooo! happy that I received my Pre! The slider made my pre shut off! Each time I would pull out the slider, the pre would shut down! I took it back the next morning back to Sprint and told the sales rep what happen and he told me! It was defective! He took it back and reorder me a new one! This week I should be receiving my second pre! My advice ! Take it back to Sprint! And have them reorder you a New one!

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