I was coming from a Centro with few of the newer apps on it, so the Pre was a major change.

  • Synergy is to die for. As someone with two Google Calendars, Exchange, four email accounts, this has been a Godsend. When LinkedIn profiles get added to contacts, my life will really be in sync (wasn't that a bad boy band)
  • Multitasking on a phone has been more impressive than on a desktop. I don't need turn-by-turn on my desktop. I don't make calls from my desktop. I can now do that and even check Facebook, even though my employer blocks it on my PC. Just this Sunday, I had 4 browser windows up at BibleGateway.com in order to keep up with the verses the pastor was quoting.
  • Screen resolution is awesome. I don't mind doing my web-surfing on the phone and don't mind reading the majority of my email from the unified inbox. This has already cut down on unread mail that I have to deal with.
  • WHERE + Nav is great. I load businesses into contacts from Where and then get there via Nav. As these two apps get better, they will definitely make my life easier.
  • Camera and Sync. To keep my parents happy, I've been taking a photo a day and mailing it to Picasaweb for my parents to keep track of me. I upload the good ones to Facebook. Great way to journal your life in pictures and takes about 30 seconds from photo to upload. Very nice, especially with geotagging with Picasaweb.
  • Why didn't I think of the Touchstone? Seriously, this shouldda been done a long time ago. I own three now (office, home and car) and it is the best thing since sliced bread. It's super stable, serves as a clock and makes my marginal battery life unimportant.
  • Pandora has changed my days. I have 5 stations to fit my mood and this thing has done away with my RhapsodyToGo subscription and obsolesced my personal music collection. I warm up before tennis matches with it. I never listen to radio in the car anymore. Frankly, this app is the reason I need to get any reception issues dealt with (not the phone).

All in all, many of my favorite things exist on other phones. Some could be done on my Centro. However, combine that with the wonderful form factor, great looks and the new WebOS functionality and the Pre is near perfect. Not perfect in its current incarnation, but in what such a package would be when hardware upgrades and software upgrades collide.