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    Is anybody else having trouble with random contacts just disappearing? I think this MIGHT just be an issue with manually entered contacts, with no links to the cloud. I had had some disappear before but thought I must have just accidentally done it. But today I notice a weird moon icon on my launcher page instead of the photo I assigned for the contact I had put on there. Low and behold, the contact isn't in my contacts list anymore. My text messages are from them still there, with the name and number, but it doesn't recognize it as being a contact I had. So I went and looked at my contacts list closely and there are at least half a dozen contacts missing, all ones that weren't connected to the cloud, I just manually entered them. I did see some contacts that also had facebook information that didn't have pictures assigned like they should have, so maybe some other contact info, non-cloud info, is missing but I just can't notice since I don't have everybody's emails and what not memorized. This is pretty troubling, especially since I haven't even been using the phone for anything since I'm away from home in another country. There is nothing I could have done to delete these contacts, and they were there since I first setup the phone.

    Also, now the link in my launcher doesn't work even after I added the contact back and it's not letting me delete it.
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    check your contact settings to see if Palm is the main account. I believe the default is Google. If you switch to Palm as the main, it will backup contacts that you manually enter on the phone (I'm not sure that Google will do this).
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    Palm is the main account, and I don't even have google there because I didn't want every person I ever emailed added. Besides, the backup feature should only copy what I have on my phone, not erase what I have on my phone.
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    is there a fix for this?
    i noticed this morning several of my contacts disappeared over the course of the weekend
    i dont know if it had anything to do with the 1.1 update
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    I could not find some contacts. Then I discovered they were somehow linked to other contacts. I don't understand the linking mechanism or purpose, but it did happen.
    Laissez Faire
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    I just bought my Pre, on Monday and had this problem. One of my contacts had every number in my contact list. I called sprint and after a few different things, they couldnt fix it and told me to just return it and get another phone. So I took it back and got another phone, now today it is doing the same thing. This is so frustrating!
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    Any luck getting stuff to show up? I'm having the same problem, but have a suspicion...

    I just got my Pre yesterday, and linked it with my gmail and contacts. Everything was fine, except it brought in anyone I've ever e-mailed. Today I spent about an hour in my gmail contacts list merging multiple entries for the same people and deleting the random contacts I didn't want. Gmail contacts look great now...

    However, a friend I had been texting during the day sent me a text, and it showed in the thread like it should, but had a different name on it, and yet ANOTHER person's gmail pic that they assigned to their profile! Confusing!

    So, I started wondering if this might be a gmail issue, not necessarily a Pre issue, since everything was OK before I went to gmail and 'fixed' things. I even went so far as to delete my contacts, erase my gmail e-mail and contacts settings and then completely reload and sync them.

    Unless anyone had any other ideas, I think I'll have to wait a couple of days to see if maybe the info will completely reset on the gmail side, and trickle down?

    Oh, also, when I tried to manually re-enter that friend that was no longer showing up, although I only entered 2 numbers for her, about 90 different numbers showed up! WTF?

    Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions/conspiracy theories.
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    ALL of my contacts disappeared today.
    not sure what happened but sometime during the day I started to look up a number to dial and realized I had no contacts in my Pre at all.
    I checked online with my google account and they were all gone there as well.
    I am going to re import all of my contacts but it is a little scary.
    Anyone else seen this?
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    Negative....but i just backed up my google contacts just in case haha
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    Here is a fun one for you... any suggestinos welcomed. I went yesterday to exchange my Pre because it was stuck in headset mode and the tech could not fix it / was instructed to just exchange. We went through the process and turned on the new phone. I was asked to sign into my palm profile and then it said it was updating my new pre with my contacts, settings and applications. When that process finished the new phone only had 8 of my 1311 contacts on it. They could not explain why considering we had done a full backup of the old phone just prior to making the switch. They then tried to link the two phones together and do a manual transfer of my contacts from the old phone the new one. They were unable to do so. They then tried to do a backup from the old phone, but because it was no longer the primary phone in my palm profile it would not 'backup'. It stayed stuck 'preparing'. I told them that I would not take the new phone unless I could get all of my palm profile contacts on to it. It was closing time so I left with the promise of going back today. In the meantime I was told to call Sprint and have them set my original phone as the primary one in my Palm profile. I did that today and when I turned my original phone back on... all of my 1311 contacts were gone except the same #$%*! 8 that transferred to the phone they tried to give me yesterday... Where the heck did all of my contacts go?

    Does anyone know if Palm keeps a backup file of old palm profile updates? I have to believe that my contacts are floating around in the cloud somewhere. My phone (when it had all of my original contacts) was set to do automatic backups every day. No one has been able to tell me anything except for the fact that Palm wants $15 for telephone support!

    In case you were curious, my contacts were transferred on to the pre originally from an old treo and that is when they set up my Palm profile. I have some backed up in my Outlook but a lot were changed updated and added on the pre and lived only in my profile. Any help or guidance with similar experiences is appreciated. Thanks.
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    i had the same problem; swapped phones last week due to touch screen occasionally being i wish i had just kept the old one. I only have 7 out of almost 100 in my contacts. I went to the sprint store who did the swap and they also couldn't help and gave me Palm's phone number. The Palm people are VERY unhelpful and I was advised my "free support" was coming to an end since i purchased this phone on 7/10? I told her this was a replacement for my original phone which i bought on release day and that his phone must have been purchased by it's original owner on 7/10. I have an issue with them charging a fee for those of us who just got this phone but she didn't want to hear anything about it.

    Long and short of it, she transferred me to level 2 support who was also unable to assist and said i need to speak to level 3 supprt.

    I saw another thread on here which someone was dealing with level 3 support and they said Palm was unable to retrieve the information and it was gone!

    Although I love my pre, had i know i would loose all my contacts (most of which i cannot replace until people call me since it was the only place I had the phone numbers saved) I would not have purchased this phone.

    Good luck to you and I can only hope some palm tech somewhere can figure out where our contacts are and return them (or at least ensure us this will no longer happen in the future)
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    I also had the same problem. First my convos started disappearing - I believe I had reached the magic number of 1200 or something. So I took it into Sprint as I had 1 day before my 30 days were up for the phone. He said he had never seen anything like it and swapped me for a new pixi. That's all good - I downloaded my contacts frm Palm and used it for a few hours. Then I remembered I needed to update the system, downloaded, installed it, and LOST all of my #@^* contacts. They don't show up in Palm profile, says has 0 contacts. It being Christmas, it sucks getting txts from people you have no idea who they are!

    So from what I've read, I'm hosed?? I have my OLD phone from a month ago that originally transferred my contact list, so hopefully I can save it. Grr!

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