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    I was listening to an Audible audio book using classic and the audible application. It was running a while maybe 20 minutes or so. Then I watched the pre do a complete soft reset. The audio book never stopped playing through the entire reset. Once it returned to the home screen there were no applications running and the audio book was still playing. I opened classic and then when I opened the audible application the book finally stopped playing. Very strange.
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    I have been listening to music and had to do a soft reset, and the music kept playing for almost half the reboot.
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    maybe the pre can forward data into flash and it will keep playing until forwarding runs out?
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    it's probably a method with buffering data.
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    it's probably a method with buffering data.
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    My pre regularly does the same thing when I play pocket tunes with classic.

    Hopefully motion apps will take the time to nail down the audio functionality to be a bit more bug free.

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