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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    i mostly use universal search.*

    *not universal universal, but a subset of universal.

    So do I but in order to use Universal Search, I need to have the keyboard open. When the keyboard is closed, having more than three screens and named categories can make scrolling through apps quicker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by X1011 View Post
    3. better Calculator or enhanced calculator
    One of the first things you realize when you install Classic is just how much better the PalmOS Calculator is than the webOS Calculator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Addie_Goodvibes View Post
    Can more pages appear as more apps are added? Just curious.
    If you check out the Predev wiki, you'll that there is an option in the Launcher for more pages which has been currently disabled by Palm. All they'd need to do to enable more pages is to uncomment out some code....
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    1. a real copy/paste function.
    2. onscreen keyboard
    3. custom notification tones for sms/email/voicemail/picturemail/IM
    4. a scroll bar for ALL text fields.
    5. OS performance update. WebOs is awesome, however i find it laggy and frustrating at times.
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    Why would anyone want to flip through so many pages of app screens when you can find your app using the search feature?
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    My list is better than your list:

    1) Copy & Paste
    2) Visual Voicemail
    3) On Screen Keyboard(s) - Multiple would be nice a-la HTC WinMo Phones
    4) Email Search!
    5) Customizable home screen (Weather, Next Appointment, Etc)

    Adding: This isn't really a "feature" but improving performance should be pretty high on the list of priorities.
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