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    Yes, I'm on my fifth Pre, but I'm finally satisfied. The first one I obtained, on launch, had the discoloration towards the bottom of the screen and I believe the oreo twist problem.

    I exchanged that one for a pre that had 4 or 5 dead pixels.
    I exchanged that one for a Pre that had the oreo twist problem (which I was willing to live with), and the uneven keyboard backlight.
    I took that one back, and while I was in the store, the pre I was given had a dead pixel. The guy asked me if that was a problem and I said yes. He put that one back and got another one that SEEMS to be perfect - no uneven keyboard backlight, oreo twisting, or dead pixels. So, I'm happy now. The first Pre had a black case, and the last four were yellow. All of them were fresh out of the box and the last one had ver 1.0.2 which I just updated to 1.0.4. As far as dealing with purchase and exchanges took place at a NON CORPORATE store. They were extremely nice and took my word for everything. They did note that they weren't having many Pre exchanges, and I never had to get on a waitlist. Anyway, I guess my point is that don't just settle for a defective Pre. If something's not right with your Pre, it'l probably annoy the crap out of you(well, if you're like me), so take it back, take it back, take it back, until it's good. Cheers.
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    Well said. I had one on launch day. A lunch hour replacement. Then I made them dig through a whole shipment and open a new shipment but mine is perfect now. First one stuck in headset mode. Next several slider too loose on left side. Last one is perfect and came with 1.0.3 that I upgraded to 1.0.4
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    someone please explain to me what this 'oreo twist' is. Thanks.
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    Same here. #5. Finally happy.
    There is no spoon
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    Good advice. Don't accept defective hardware. Glad you found what you were after.

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