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    I went to the the store the other day to replace my Palm Pre, this is the third time. The first two phones would just shut-off my themselves, and the screen would be really loose.

    I went to the Sprint store, and replaced the phone as the 30-day was almost up, and I actually got a nice working phone, that has had no issues.

    The screen is still a little loose, but it hasn't turned off yet, and seems to working perfectly.

    I did note that this Palm Pre is different on the back. When you take the battery off, the lining is like Gold, instead of silver. I don't know how to explain it, but there are like strips on the back when you take the batter off, and on this phone the strips are gold, not silver.
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    Good luck. Can you provide pics of the back you are referring to?
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    He's talking about the antennae but of course they were always gold. He's just misremembering.
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    I am on my third as well. 2nd one had the oreo slider and heat issues. This one runs allot cooler but has light leakage and shuts down occasionally when the slider closes (due to small battery). I guess at this point I will have to live with it until I hear reports of Palm increasing their quality control.

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