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    I have my Pre for a few days and i realized when i leave my house (wifi) and work, the connection on the bus is horrible and i barely ever get a webpage to load. The thing is its not the Sprint network as i ALWAYS had connection in my area to the web with the Instinct.

    What could be the reason i am never able to connect on the road?

    Any other ex Instincters also have this same situation?
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    Lots of people are reporting signal problems on the Pre.. Maybe you should double check your settings or take it back to Sprint. I never had problems connecting with the Instinct BTW.
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    When the instinct 1st came out I had the same problem(couldnt connect to anything on the move). Over the course of 3 months it was solved. There are software issues that I am sure are affecting the data and signal connectivity. I heard some people had to do the soft reset (orange sym R) to get their data working again after being on wifi. mine works great 90% of the time so I am going to be patient until they fix this situation. (I am in miami florida by the way)
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    I am in brooklyn, its weird it showed that i have full bars and just wouldnt connect
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    Today was my first day back at work since I had the Pre and our building has very poor Sprint reception...sprint only all the other carriers are fine.

    I am having that same issues like the Instinct had where you are constantly going back and forth between the Sprint network and Roaming (still sucks that Sprint has done away with the Roam only feature.

    Currently I'm roaming and the speed sucks. Browsing on the native Instinct browser was faster than this. At this point, my phone is really not very usable and we don't have wi-fi near so that's not an option. But hopefully they'll get a patch out in the next oh 19 days.

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