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    is there away to hide certain photos or lock a photo album i got photos in there i dont want ppl to see. be real nice if they did
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    I don't believe you can do that yet.
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    I'm sure they'll be an app for that....

    Just be patient young Danielson...
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    I'd love to have this... I get sent "pics" of things that i don't need other people seeing when they say "Oooh is that the Pre?!?!" and snatch the phone...
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    right now no way to do so. The only real options are to create a folder using the pc and move the pics over, then don't let it out of your hands for now. I hope they can add the functions to create folders and move/copy photo's sometime soon. passwords on certain folders would be nice for pics and data files as needed.
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    Honestly, I'm more interested in the kind of photos being sent here!
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    lets see the photos and we'll tell you if you should lock them...
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    Yes, a FileZ type of app would be valuable. Password-protect folders & files, move files between folders, even manage folders themselves.
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    Another thing that would be nice is not having to wait 2-3 seconds for every photo to load.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aridon View Post
    Another thing that would be nice is not having to wait 2-3 seconds for every photo to load.
    Agreed. That is something that definitely has to be fixed sometime soon. It's just so annoying...
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    Screw the locking features, what kind of photos you got? :P
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    Also, it would be nice to be able to save vids from MMS or Email. Same female sent me a vid through MMS, but of course it didn't work so she emailed it too me, but of course it seems you can only save pics from MMS/Email :/

    Also... yall don't get to see them lol

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