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    I'm going to guess Palm won't see a cent of profit until Pre 2 or Pre 3 comes out. Because of the cost of R&D, Palm needs to pump out new handsets every year or so to become profitable. Once they get the webOS hammered out, they can spend less money on perfecting it. Same goes with the hardware.
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    If not then what's your point?
    My post was directed at the OP's assertion that the [QUOTE] "The cost to make the palm pre is $137.83"[\QUOTE]

    My point was simply the cost of the parts are just a fraction of the real cost of the device.

    I dont know how to make it any clearer for you

    My post has nothing to do with your strange obsession with the cost of iphone which btw, has nothing to do with the subject of this thread.
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    i work in the wireless industry and for me or any of my friends who own sprint shops, cost from wholesale is $380, if you know the right person you can get em as cheap as $330 or less
    we sell it for $300 so we take an $80 hit (then get paid for the contract), then sprint gives $100 back to the customer.

    basically if your buying one for MSRP ($550) the store is making a cool $170 without taking any kind of hit and waiting 6 mo to get compensated by sprint
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